How To Become A Chapter


MEMBERS: A group must consist of a minimum of ten members.

MEETING TIMES and DATES: Meeting times and dates for any group should fit the needs of its members and may change at the discretion of the membership.

NAME: All new groups must select a name that will be unique to Arizona Quilters Guild, in accordance with ARTICLE III of the AQG By-laws.
PROGRAM: Activities should be selected and carried out in accordance with each Chapter's needs and desires. In addition, AQG offers Q.U.I.L. T. programs, Traveling Teachers, videos, and library books for use by the Chapters.

CHAIRPERSONS: AQG does not require a Chapter to elect a Chapter Chair or other officers. However, if there is no Chapter Chair, a contact person is required. The name, address, phone number and email address of the contact or Chapter Chair must be reported to the Board of Directors. The AQG Board communicates with the Chapter through this person and will refer interested quilters in the area to her/him for information.

ATTENDANCE: Chapter members are not required to attend every meeting. AQG stresses the voluntary nature of the organization, but encourages members to attend and be active. All Chapter meetings are to remain open to AQG members. As stated in Article III of the By-laws, an individual may attend the meeting of any given Chapter three times before being required to join AQG. It will be the responsibility of the Chapter to enforce this policy. If a meeting space becomes too small to accommodate the Chapter members, it is the Chapter's responsibility to seek out another facility that will meet its needs.

MEMBERSHIP: All members of an AQG Chapter MUST belong to the Arizona Quilters Guild. This is accomplished by the payment of annual dues to AQG. THERE ARE NO XCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.

DUES: Arizona Quilters Guild annual dues are $30 for new members. This membership is renewable by Jun 30th each year at a rate of $25. Dues postmarked after June 30th, are considered to be late memberships and are $25.00 per member. Chapters are not required to have local dues. That rests with the individual Chapter according to its needs.

RESPONSIBILITIES: In accordance with AQG Bylaws, Article III, Chapters are asked to carry out the following:

  • Be represented by at least one, but perhaps two, member(s) at the annual Chapter Chair meeting, which is held the first Saturday in February. This is extremely important. This is our annual opportunity to provide updated information to each Chapter. Each Chapter is required to send a representative. In addition, attendance at one other Board meeting per year is encouraged.

  • Inform the AQG Board of the Chapter representative's name, address, phone number, email address as soon as the new Chapter is formed. Thereafter, the Board should be notified immediately if any change is made. Additionally, each year AQG must be informed of the Chapter officers. A form is available from the office for this purpose.

  • Submit mandatory financial reports to the AQG Treasurer by February 15th for the period July 1 through December 30th and by August 15th for the period January 15th through June 30th. REPORTS ARE REQUIRED FOR EACH CHAPTER whether or not it has a treasury. Forms are included in each Chapter Chair packet or are available from the AQG Treasurer.

  • Submit a listing of Chapter events on a regular basis to the Patchwork Chatter, AQG's newsletter.

  • Advise each new Chapter member that a copy of the AQG Bylaws can be found in the annual Roster. These Bylaws govern the actions of the Board of Directors.


The involvement of the Chapters in the Arizona Quilters Guild will directly affect is ability to grow, benefit all members, and meet its goals. The strength of the Guild lies in the contributions of all members. In support of the organization,
Chapters are encouraged to:

  • Attend the Annual Business Meeting held each fall in the Valley.
  • Host a spring or fall meeting or Q.U.I.L.T. event or Traveling Teacher program.
  • Attend Q.U.I.L.T. classes and lectures.
  • Participate in Show-and-Tell and President's Challenge (all only) at statewide meetings.
  • Participate in the annual Quilt Show by sharing quilts and serving as volunteers.
  • Assist in fundraising activities, such as the Small Quilt Auction.
  • Donate a gift for door prize drawings for statewide meetings.
  • Initiate activities between Chapters.


If desired, AQG Board members will meet with a prospective group and answer any questions about affiliation with the Arizona Quilters Guild. Once the group understands the requirements and benefits of AQG membership, and all members desire to formalize their commitment, a written letter requesting a Charter must be sent to the AQG Board. Following receipt of the letter, the Charter will be granted before the general membership at the next AQG statewide meeting. Statewide meetings are held in October, (the Annual Business Meeting, which is required by the Bylaws and must be held in the Valley), and the spring meeting, which may be held outside the Valley in April.


Chapter Application Form