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The following classes, lectures, and seminars lead by nationally recognized teachers are organized by the AQG National Educator Director for the benefit of the membership.  Classes are hosted in various locations around Arizona by the listed local AQG Chapter; registration is open only to AQG members.

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Laura Heine: April 10 - 15, 2017


Laura Heine is a quilt designer, author, and national speaker and teacher based in Billings, Montana.  Learn more about Laura on her website:

Thirty years ago, when Laura was working as a registered nurse and pregnant with her first child, she decided to take a quilting class because she wanted to be able to say that she had made one quilt in her life, and she figured that once the baby came her chance would be lost!  Since then, she has made countless quilts and has had two terrific children, Jenna and Brandon, who are now grown and starting their own families.  In 1994, she gave up her full-time nursing position to open a quilt shop, Fiberworks, in Billings. She teaches locally and nationally, showing students what has worked for her and encourages them to express their own concepts and creativity in their quilting. Many of her designs are simple, but her use of color and quilting makes them much more interesting.


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on Monday
April 10

Hosted by
The Git 'er Done Piecemakers

in Mesa

on Tuesday
April 11

No class currently scheduled

on Wenesday
April 12

Hosted by
Havasu Stitchers

in Lake Havasu

Class is FULL

on Thursday
April 13

Hosted by
Strawberry Patchers

in Pine

on Friday
April 14

Hosted by
Nimble Thimbles

in Chandler/Gilbert

Class is FULL

on Saturday
April 15

Hosted by
Quilters Anonymous

in Goodyear

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