Quilt Show Special Exhibits

While at the Quilt Show, be sure to visit this special exhibit in Centennial Hall:


The Quilt Legacy of Laurene Sinema

A Special Exhibit of Quilts from the Sinema Family Quilt Collection

Two events in 1978 marked the beginning of the quilting revival in Arizona. In that same year, Laurene Sinema (1929-2003) helped establish the Arizona Quilter's Guild and founded, with partner Janet Carruth, the first quilt shop in Phoenix, The Quilted Apple.

The Quilted Apple, which would play a significant role in Arizona quiltmaking, opened its doors with only 12 bolts of fabric on the shelves! Over the next 25 years, thousands of individuals passed across its threshold and learned to love quilts and quiltmaking. 

Laurene's eye for quality, her excellent workmanship skills and her communication abilities made her an exceptional teacher. Her own work was beautiful, inspiring and of the highest quality and she expected no less from her staff and students. Students surprised themselves with their accomplishments. To keep her shop unique, Laurene designed imaginative quilt-oriented projects for classes that she taught and she inspired many staff members and students to do the same.

The 2017 AQG Quilt Arizona Quilt Show will pay homage to Laurene  with quilts were made by Laurene and her students, based on her patterns and fabric lines.

Janet Carruth & Peggy Hazard, Exhibit Curators


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