Restoration of Treadle Sewing Cabinets and Machines

Restoration of Treadle Sewing Cabinets and Machines


My specialty is the restoration of treadle sewing machine cabinets and sewing machines.

I do this as a retirement hobby in a shop in my back yard and during the past seven years I have restored over 150 sewing cabinets, mostly treadle cabinets, with a few “newer” cabinets that house electric powdered machines. I have worked on cabinets and machines from all over Arizona.  I repair and replace veneer as needed, strip, sand, stain and top coat to preserve these as they are a part of our history.  I started out just working on the wood portions, but over the years I repair and refinish the stands and also make some repairs to the sewing machines. I concentrate on the treadle driven machines, and in most cases I am able to bring them to working condition again.

As a results of working on the sewing machines and cabinets I have gained a knowledge of the history of the Singer Company, from it’s start in the 1860’s up through the closure of the last plant in Canada in the early 1980’s.  I have put together a Power Point presentation to include some examples of my work, some pictures of some of the more unusual sewing machines that I have worked on and a brief history of some in the interesting points of the Singer Company. 

Of course as a result of my presentation I hope there are folks that want to have old treadle cabinet restored as my main source is referrals.

Presentation Length: 1 hour

Speaker: Gary Rait

Speaker Contact: 602-723-4182 or


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