EQ7 Quilt Design Software

EQ7 Quilt Design Software

EQ7 Quilt Design Software -
An End User Perspective

Description: The lecture focuses on the ease and benefits of using EQ7 software.  The lecture is not intended to teach anyone how to use the product.  In general, information is provided so that the prospective owner understands how EQ7 software can help them design their quilt projects.  The format of the lecture covers the following topics:

  • What is EQ7 Software?
  • What are the major features included in EQ7?
  • What are the major benefits a quilter can expect to receive by using this software?
  • What are the costs associated with the purchase of the Software?
  • What are the computer requirements?
  • What kind of support in available?
  • What are the options for EQ7 training?
  • What kind of computer expertise & knowledge does a prospective owner need to have?
  • Where can a prospective owner purchase and take classes?
  • Blogs, user groups and other EQ7 user resources
  • The next step – taking the leap & other anxiety issues
  • Sample of projects designed in EQ7
  • Questions & Answers

Presentation Length: 1 hour, plus Q&A as needed

Speaker: JoAnn Rice

Speaker Contact: 480-515-9190 or dixiejar@gmail.com


Reminder: Contact the speaker to schedule this presentation.  Fees need to be mutually agreed upon by the Speaker and the Host.  Any fees are to be covered exclusively by the Host.