Antique Sewing Machines

Antique Sewing Machines


Informing you of all things related to the art of antique sewing.

When Joann saw the Mulqueen Collection of antique sewing machines, she was hooked!  After lots of research, she has prepared a presentation that comes in three versions:

  • 45 minutes: the history of sewing, thimbles, buttons, needles, sewing machines, the actual Mulqueen collection, and stories that will make you laugh.
  • 30 minutes: an abbreviated version of the 45 minute presentation;  not as many antique machines from the collection and not as funny.
  • 15 Minues: the quickie version, is a very brief powerpoint slide show.  No antique machines and not funny at all.

Presentation Length: varies


Speaker: Joann Lang

Speaker Contact: 623-580-0454


Reminder: Contact the speaker to schedule this presentation.  Fees need to be mutually agreed upon by the Speaker and the Host.  Any fees are to be covered exclusively by the Host.