Executive Board: Secretary

Jo Ann Bergdoll

Jo Ann has called Arizona home for 21 years after living in suburban Chicago, Pasadena, CA, and Plano, TX.  Her careers have been varied:  high school and community college English teacher, on-site salesperson for a small custom homebuilder, real estate agent, corporate relocation specialist, and insurance agent/owner.   Semi-retired, she has returned to her first love, education, as a substitute teacher, especially enjoying her time spent with special needs children.

Sewing has always been a part of her life.  Her mother introduced her to embroidery at 5.  Ready to do more than decorate pillowcases, she learned how to hand sew simple doll clothes shortly thereafter.  As a ‘tween, she learned how to select fabric, pin a pattern and sew clothes on Grandma’s sewing machine.  There were many evenings when she and her mom headed downstairs for an evening of “making those machines hum” after the youngest siblings were in bed. 

Quilting lessons were a Christmas gift her first year in Arizona.  She was eager to meet new people of the “fabric persuasion”.  She also really wanted to know “Why would anyone take a number of perfectly good pieces of fabric, cut them into little pieces and reassemble them?”  6 weeks later, she had made new friends and that question was answered.  She was hooked.

Jo Ann is a founding member of Delightful Quilters of Scottsdale and served as its first chapter chair when DQ became a part of AQG.  She shares leadership responsibilities as a member of its planning team.  Her sense of humor and quick wit can be found in the chapter’s monthly missives, a.k.a, the DQ Monthly Meeting Notices.  She’s contributed to The Patchwork Chatter and has written humorous and informative articles for the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame newsletter as “Luce Bobbins”.   

Organized (some say “to a fault”), responsible, and committed to making a difference in the lives of others through the needle arts, she looks forward to working with the AQG board and meeting many more new friends of the “quilty” persuasion.

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