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When is the next Arizona Quilters Guild quilt show?
The Quilt Arizona! show is usually held annually in March.  For complete information, see the Quilt Show page.

... about joining the Arizona Quilters Guild

Do I need to be able to quilt before I can join?
Absolutely not! Anyone with an interest in quilting is welcome to join AQG and our Chapters. Becoming a member will make all classes available to you. These are an excellent means to acquiring the skills for making your own quilts. Chapter meetings also present numerous learning opportunities.

How do I join The Arizona Quilters Guild?
Our membership year runs from July 1 to June 30th.  Prospective members are invited to join at anytime during the year; membership dues are not prorated.  Choose from one of the following options: 

When will I get my Arizona Quilters Guild membership card?
Members are responsible for their own membership cards.  See more information here.

... about Membership Benefits

What are the benefits of Arizona Quilters Guild membership?
Benefits include:

  • Guild chapter meetings
  • Membership Roster
  • Traveling Teacher classes
  • National Educator classes
  • Guild newsletter, published ten times per year
  • Member’s Only section of the Guild website

How/when will I receive the password to the members Only section of the website?
If you have forgotten your personal username and password, use the Forgot My Password button to have it sent to your email. The general member access username and password is available on your Membership Card.  To access your membership card, see detailed instructions here.

How can I get the Arizona Quilters Guild newsletter?
The Arizona Quilters Guild publishes The Patchwork Chatter monthly from August to May of each year.  The Patchwork Chatter contains important information on guild activities such as a message from the president, information about upcoming meetings and events, a listing of Traveling Teacher programs, registration for National Educator teachers and their classes, annual quilt show entry forms, chapter updates, a listing of quilt shows and displays across the state, recognition of member accomplishments, and quilting related articles.

Current and archived issues of The Patchwork Chatter in PDF format are available here (member password required). An email is usually sent out to all current members when new issues are published on the first of each month.  If you are not receiving these emails, please contact us to troubleshoot your situation.  For members without internet access, please contact your Chapter or the AQG Office for access to a printed copy.

How do I submit a news item for the newsletter?
All members are encouraged to submit quilt-related news stories with pictures, items of interest, and book or show reviews to the newsletter editor.  Given space availability, the newsletter editor will include as many articles as space and content allow.  The items must be sent in by the newsletter deadline, which is listed in The Patchwork Chatter. Be sure to check this deadline, and get your articles in on time!  Send your items via e-mail to newsletter@azquiltersguild.org.

Is there Arizona Quilters Guild merchandise for purchase?
The Arizona Quilters Guild has promotional items for sale at all AQG-sponsored events. See some of our currently available items here. Proceeds from the sale of these items go toward the operating expenses of the guild.

... about Meetings and Classes

When and where does the Arizona Quilters Guild meet?  
The Arizona Quilters Guild is a statewide organization, comprised of 40+ chapters plus Members-at-Large. A listing of Chapters, when and where they meet and contact information can be found on this web site under Chapter Directory.  If you more information about a Chapter, please call or email the main office (contact details here)

In addition to Chapter meetings, the Arizona Quilters Guild holds Membership Business Meetings in the fall and spring of each year.  Upcoming meeting information and registration of is available on the Meetings webpage and in The Patchwork Chatter issues leading up to each meeting.

Do I need to be a member to attend Arizona Quilters Guild meetings?
You must be an AQG member to attend the Membership Business Meetings.

An individual may attend meetings of any one Chapter three times in a calendar year before being required to join the Arizona Quilters Guild and the Chapter.  

Do I need to be a member to attend Arizona Quilters Guild classes?
Yes, you must be an AQG member to attend classes.  Registration information and class details (times, topics, and supply lists) are posted on the appropriate webpage for the event.

How do I sign up for classes?
If it is a Traveling Teacher class, you can register by contacting the Program Chair for the Chapter that is hosting the teacher.

If it is a National Educator class, you can register online or use the appropriate registration form (available online or in the Patchwork Chatter). Once your registration is recieved and processed, then you will then be sent further information about the class.

... about the online Membership features

Questions and answers for online Membership features are available here