Overview and History of AQG

The Arizona Quilters Guild, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1978 to promote the appreciation of quilts; sponsor and support quilting activities; encourage quilt making and collection; further the growth, tradition, culture, and history of quilt-making; and foster good fellowship among persons interested in the art of quilting in Arizona. This remains our goal.

The initial small group of dedicated quilters has grown to approximately 1,800 members throughout the state of Arizona.  We currently have 40+ chapters as well as many members-at-large.

Our chapters meet in libraries, churches, and community centers throughout Arizona.  It is through the participation of our chapter members and our members-at-large that we are able to promote quilting.  Annual spring and fall meetings are held which include a business meeting, lunch, speakers, time for renewing old friendships and making new ones, door prizes, show and tell, and a vendor mall.

A hunger for knowledge inspired our Traveling Teacher Program, which provides teachers from within our membership who are willing to share information about quilting with individual chapters.  The National Educators Program brings widely recognized instructors to different locations throughout our state.  This program is partially funded by the Guild as a benefit to its members.

The Guild sponsors an annual quilt show in March.  Members may enter their quilts for judging or for display.  There are no entry fees for Guild members.  

Individual members donate small quilts to the annual Small Quilt Auction.  The proceeds help fund the Education Program as well as our Traveling Teacher Program.

Chapters throughout the state work on a wide variety of local service projects, including donating quilts and other needed items to crisis centers, nurseries, retirement homes, head start programs and shelters for battered women, as well as sponsoring quilting activities in their own communities.

Individuals wanting further information about the Guild may address their inquiries to:

Arizona Quilters Guild
2303 N. 44th Street
Suite 14-1010
Phoenix, AZ 85008-2442

Or call (480) 827-8458 and leave a message. Annual dues are required. Benefits include access to members only section of this website, discounted admission fees for the AQG Quilt Show, and discounted classes and lectures through the Traveling Teacher Program and the National Educators Program. Individual chapters may have additional dues.


Past President Years Past President Name

Charter President

Laurene Sinema
1980-1981 Toni Pugliano
1982-1983 Liz Batholomew
1984 Gwynn Smith
1985 Sandra Steele

Willene Smith

1987 Debbie Bobo-Jones
1988 Marla Hattabaugh
1989 Linda Braun Lohrman
1990 Barbara Sidorakis
1991 Nancy Tokarz
1992 Cheryl Congrove
1993 Gwen Nemmers
1994 Mary Lucille
1995 Kim Maus
1996-1997 Marilyn Woolley
1997-1998 Mary Lou Williams
1998-1999 Mary Hoyer
1999-2000 Carla Bonifasi
2000-2001 Mary Burton
2001-2002 Marque Jacobs
2002-2003 Linda McDowell
2003-2004 Diane Pitchford
2004-2006 Rita Blocksom
2006-2007 Linda Adkins
2007-2008 Gail Piggott
2008-2009 Judy Taylor
2009-2010 Lynn Kough
2010-2011 Marguertie McCray
2011-2012 Lynn Kough
2012-2014 Patrica Benner
2014-2016 Elaine Putnam
2016-2017 Dale Nokes
2017-2018 Laura Niemann
2018-2019 Charyl Garman