Chapter Reports: Ajo Piecemakers

2016 Reports

April 2016

We just finished, at the end of Feb, a three day quilt class with Rita Fishel from Creations Sew Clever in Chilocotthe, Ohio.

We have been having classes from Rita for over 10 years. She gives us several ideas for new quilts to learn to do and then we pick and do that quilt for our class.

Over the years we have done classes in Bargello, Ajo Star, Color Wash Irish Chain, French Braid, Chinook Winds, Storm at Sea, Curvalicious, Double Wedding Ring, Pineapple and this year we did Curvy Log cabin.

There are anywhere from 14-20 women in the classes that last for three days. We have potlucks, secret sister, happy hours in the evening and just loads of laughs and friendship. We also throw in a few things we learn new or just a way to short cut something. Very informative and very creative.

Our pineapple class, we actually took the first day to do pineapple blocks that we all worked on. Then Rita put them together over the next few days and that was our finished Opportunity Quilt for 2016. Wow, it was gorgeous and was done in a quick way with participation from all of us, as usual.

The class this year, Curvy Log Cabin, utilized the ruler from Creative Grids and the instructions that now only cost $3.99 from Cut Loose Press. We had several different designs and sizes to decide to do, so there were Rainbow Swirls, Carousel, Squiggles and Fly Away with Me. These patterns were designed by Jean Ann Wright and then she has even put out a book using the ruler called Curvy Log Cabin Quilts. Fun, fun and very colorful.

If you have not taken a class from any teacher before, please do, they are great fun and you learn something each time. The Arizona Quilters Guild has a traveling teacher program to take advantage of and some great teachers.



March 2016

The 20th Annual Ajo Piecemakers Quilt Show is behind us now. It was a great show and many compliments were made about the quilts and the vendors. Almost 350 people attended our show and we were fortunate to have 7 vendors, 4 of them being commercial vendors. Julie’s Quiltshop from Miami, AZ, Holly Nevins from Quilter’s Cove, Newport, OR, Maylee Collins, Seams Sew Right, Quilt, Studio in Prescott, AZ and Hancy Mfg, representing Full Line Stencil and Quilt Pounce, Montague, CA. We also had 4 local artists with their lines of handcrafted items and ceramics, including quilts for sale.

As always our Opportunity Quilt proceeds exceeded our expectations with the funds being donated back to our community. Our winner this year was Ruth Wenger from British Columbia. Our People’s Choice Award went to Gail M with her Sunflower quilt that was hand pieced and machine quilted by Gail. She produces many fine hand pieced and then machine quilted pieces for our quilt shows.

We displayed 70 plus quilts and wall hangings made by our guild members. We also had about 14 quilts loaned to us to display on our bed turning area. Joanne C was our MC for that part of the show. It is amazing to see the work that was mostly done by hand from years ago. Many of the quilts used the material from feed, flour sacks and such for the making of the quilts. They were made at the time to be used and somehow some still have weathered the use and we see them displayed at our show.

Each year our show grows and becomes more of a destination for people from some of the other communities around us such as Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson. Next year’s show will be Feb. 3rd and 4 th, plan a short road trip and come and see our displays.



February 2016

Ajo Piecemakers have a lot happening this winter. In December, we had a mystery quilt class taught by one of our members and our annual Holiday Party. On January 13, we had our annual Fabric Challenge with seven entries. All the entries were original designs, so a lot of creativity was involved.

Feeling the need for a quilting road trip, ten of our quilters are going on the Road to California trip. While all this is happening, we are planning and preparing for our 20th Annual Quilt Show on Feb. 5-6. To start the celebration, we have an exhibit at the Ajo Library for the month of January. We have also been busy selling tickets for our Opportunity Quilt. We will have a large quilt exhibit, lots of vendors and a 20th Anniversary poster created by a local artist at our show.

Join us in Ajo for the show; it should be a lot of fun!



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