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2015 AQG Quilt Show
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AQG Quilt Show Featured on Sonoran Living

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Northwest Quilting Expo

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Welcome to the Arizona Quilters Guild web site.  We invite you, as a member or guest, to enjoy your visit.

Please use this site as a source of information about the Guild and its programs and activities, as well as a resource for information about quilting activities throughout the State of Arizona and beyond.

The Calendar links you quickly to meetings, classes, shows, and other activities.

Members may access The Patchwork Chatter, complete information about the Traveling Teacher Program, and the three guild directories – Membership, Chapters, Affiliate Members, and more.

If you are looking for a Chapter home, please consult the Location Chapter Directory by using the left navigation button, and then use the Contact Us link to obtain further information from a specific Chapter.

Visit the Arizona Quilters Guild site often to keep up to date on the latest quilt news in the State!


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Almost Daily I get asked what are the benefits of being a member of AQG. So I have complied a partial list for you to consider when you renew your AQG membership. Did I mention it's time to get a jump start on the renewal process for your AQG membership??

Ten Reasons to Renew you AQG membership

1. Gain friendships from like-minded quilters. The first reason to join a quilting guild is that doing so will offer you the opportunity to meet quilters and sewers who are just like you. Do you sometimes feel that nobody else “gets” you? Being around people who would rather quilt than do almost anything else is a rewarding experience. Besides other quilters will understand your obsession with fabric and will not call you a hoarder!

2. Get opportunities to participate in swaps and challenges. Do you wish you could join in on the fun going on in fabric, supplies and project swaps? AQG chapters have them all the time. Get rid of your unwanted supplies or that fabric you never used by signing up for a swap. Want to create something such as a unique block using the latest quilting technique you learned and swap it out with others who did the same? Swaps are fun and inspiring, many of our chapters SWAP between members. Participate in a challenge, push yourself out of the box..go for it!

3. Gather inspiration. What better way to stay on top of the latest trends in quilting than participating in a chapter and the guild. By being exposed to what your fellow guild members are doing, you will have a constant flow of inspiration.

4. Gain education. AQG typically has frequent educational opportunities that include a speaker who will talk about a certain technique or design. This may be followed by a hands-on workshop that will allow you to try your hand at that technique. Joining the guild and participating in classes will offer you the opportunity to try out new techniques that will keep your skills growing and improving.

5. Opportunities to participate in contests and challenges. A contest or challenge that puts your creativity to use is often a great way to give yourself a creative jump-start. Challenges often center around a central theme. For example, you might be challenged to create a paper pieced block using blenders and one novelty print. Or you might be challenged to create a twist on a tried and true block. This is one of the cool things about being a part of a Quilting Guild.

6. Special deals for Guild members. Quilting Guild members often receive special offers from savvy quilt shops. Additionally, Guild members often receive discounts to the best shows and events.

7. Get feedback and advice. Imagine that you are creating your first baby quilt and need to make decisions regarding the prints and colors you should choose. Chances are one of your Guild members has created dozens of baby quilts and knows exactly what designs Moms go crazy over. By joining AQG, you will have access to the best feedback and advice you can get.

8. Get prizes and other free stuff. Quilt Guilds often get sneak peeks of the newest products from quilt supply companies who are eager to get them into the hands of their target audience and get feedback. Additionally, there are often prizes given out for those who join contests and challenges donated by quilt supply companies. Quilt Guilds have access to the best and newest products on the market. Many of our affiliate members do demos throughout the year of new products. This year we have a new challenge coming to you from a fabric company, we are SEW excited!

9. Access to quilting retreats. AQG members often have special access to quilting retreats. By attending a retreat together, members get better rates on lodging, food and materials included in retreat fees.

10. Show off your latest quilted project. Finally, rounding out our ten reasons to join a Quilting Guild list is the opportunity to show off your work to fellow quilters. We work hard on our projects, we want to share our work with others and best of all our very own annual Quilt Show!

So the next time you wonder what your guild has done for you lately...refer back to this email!

Renew, Participate, Enjoy your guild...Arizona Quilters Guild !


Chapter Reports
can be found, complete with photos, under About Us. Click on Chapter Reports on the drop-down menu. When there is space in the Chatter, the reports will be included; however, they will always be available on the website.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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